Eden Project – Cornwall 2017

Hello Friends! Daniel and I are currently on our summer holiday staying with my Grandad and his wife in the beautiful West Country, Cornwall. He lives just near Truro and anywhere we wish to venture will never take longer than 45minutes, it's ideal. After a whole day of travel – leaving home in Norfolk at 7.30am, hundreds of miles and 3 refreshment stops later we … Continue reading Eden Project – Cornwall 2017

Why I Got My Car On Finance

Hello Friends, Apologies that I haven’t been putting blog posts up regularly, adult life really does take over! There’s always so much to do, then when I have spare time I just binge YouTube or religiously learn Moana song lyrics…you know, priorities guys. I know my mostΒ recent posts are generally about adult/life topics so I hope you guys are still enjoying reading them. I enjoy … Continue reading Why I Got My Car On Finance