Why I Got My Car On Finance

Hello Friends, Apologies that I haven’t been putting blog posts up regularly, adult life really does take over! There’s always so much to do, then when I have spare time I just binge YouTube or religiously learn Moana song lyrics…you know, priorities guys. I know my most recent posts are generally about adult/life topics so I hope you guys are still enjoying reading them. I enjoy … Continue reading Why I Got My Car On Finance

What I Got For Christmas: Disney Gifts

Hello friends!  It’s been a while. Isn’t Christmas just the busiest season! Myself and Daniel were traveling each day to all sides of the family, so it was quite manic for us. But we had a lovely Christmas and each day was really different so that kept us entertained! We played lots of games and ate lots of food, so that’s a good Christmas in … Continue reading What I Got For Christmas: Disney Gifts

The Vintage Cosmetics Company Advent Calendar and GIVEAWAY

Hello Friends! Sorry it’s been so long, I’ve been really busy recently, but in the best way! Seeing lots of friends and family, Christmas shopping, appointments for my part time business, college work, scouts and my normal day job! Goodness! No wonder I’ve took a step back from my blog! Anyways, today I’m showing you all the contents of this INCREDIBLE advent calendar by the … Continue reading The Vintage Cosmetics Company Advent Calendar and GIVEAWAY

Product Review: Nu Colour Contouring Lipgloss

Hello Friends! Over the past month-ish I’ve testing out a product to share the results with you guys. The lovely Beauty Boyz kindly gifted me the lip gloss, as they knew I’d love it…and, yes, I certainly do. It’s one of their best sellers and I can see why… The lip gloss is just a clear tube with a clear product, it doesn’t look exciting but … Continue reading Product Review: Nu Colour Contouring Lipgloss

Christmas Wish List

Hello Friends! We are in November, can I get a HURRAH! That means Halloween is over and we can get into the Christmas spirit, woohoo! I do love Christmas but everything about it costs a bloody fortune! How you lot with young children cope, I have no idea. I’m going into Christmas with a really small budget this year to get people’s presents so I’m … Continue reading Christmas Wish List

3 Daily essentials 

Hello friends! Today I thought I’d share with you my top 3 daily essential products that I swear by to get me through the day. These are all super affordable, completely reliable and easily accessible. What more could you want? 1. Johnson’s Baby Lotion If I have dry skin, I use this. If I’ve got oily skin, I use this. If I’m really spotty, I … Continue reading 3 Daily essentials