Autumnal Feelings

IMG_3038[1]So Autumn is here. It’s most definitely my favourite season, it means scarfs, boots and thick socks, they’re my favourite combo of things to wear (well apart from Pjs and fluffy socks). Dr Martens is the only brand I will particularly choose when it comes to fashion, otherwise it is just whatever takes my fancy. I got these boots using Christmas money a couple of years ago and now they are my most favourite footwear. So comfortable, versatile and make me feel fabulous.

I bought the scarf and socks last Christmas when my Mum and I went to London on a day trip. Although London scares me because it’s such a huge city and so so many people, I really enjoyed the day and the Christmas feelings of all the shops really was magical. Plus a little bonus about Dr Martens is that I get 10% student discount (even more fab huh?).

Autumn means so many lovely things, drinking hot chocolate snuggled under a blanket watching Disney movies (of course), wrapping up in a patterned scarf and a thick coat each frosty morning, eating alot more than normal but justifying it all by saying you need it as winter storage for your hibernation, (just me?). Okay the last one is probably just my excuse of eating lots of yumminess, but there is so much wonderful treats and snacks out during Autumn for Halloween and Christmas that I just can’t resist! But yeah, I do love cuddling up on the sofa with Daniel (My boyfriend) in the evening and he can’t complain that it is too hot, mwahaha.

Autumn is also a good time for makeup enthusiasts as makeup stays on longer during the day, don’t you think? I find during Autumn my eyebrows don’t smudge and my mascara doesn’t leave a grey smear under eyes, my bronzer stays golden on my cheeks and my lips go a lovely lilac – no lipstick needed, just the cold. Brrrr. The only thing about makeup in Autumn is that those who rely on natural light in the morning to get your eyebrows ‘on fleek’ and contouring ‘on point’ is that it’s almost impossible to tell whether your face is a lovely sun glow or umpa lumpa orange. Nowadays I’ve become very lazy with makeup so I’ve not been affected yet, just a quick pluck of my eyebrows and a little powder to fill them in and I’m ready to face the world. One yawn at a time.

So Autumn, Hello, I’m very excited for you to be here again. Please don’t be too rainy but be as cold as you wish, bring cheer not fear and I will be a happy girl. Think about what the best thing about Autumn is for you?



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