My Nail Care


My nails are quite healthy at the moment. They are all the same length and very strong. This is actually very rare for me, I’m extremely clumsy and so I always end up breaking them or ripping them at the corners, then I can’t stand them being different lengths so I violently file them all down so there is so white tips. I don’t really look after my nails or hands to be honest, I’m quite lucky they grow at all. I probably neaten my cuticles once a month, and file them only when it’s too late and I’ve ripped them beyond repair. Or if I’m having an anxious moment or panic I tend to chew them (gross I know). I have kind of got out of this habit though, thankfully.

I used to love being able to paint my nails and doing nail art, I actually got pretty good at it, but because I work for a company that manufactures medical products nail polish is a risk of contamination so I’m not allowed to wear it (gutting, I know). I occasionally have my nails painted by a very lovely local beauty therapist (Claire who runs Indulge Beauty) and she uses gel polish, this polish is super because it makes your nails really strong and it stays on for at least a week in perfect condition. I go for subtle colours and I only have them painted when I’m going to be off work for a little while or it’s a special occasion, I just hide them at work by wearing gloves (shhh!).


My favourite nail polish brands would have to be Barry M and Avon. Avon Gel finish range is one of my personal favourites as the polish is super glossy and so easy to apply. Barry M will always be my top brand though, for the price you pay you get a really good product and it lasts a long time, with such a massive range of colours, textures and effects, Barry M nail polish galore is a girls dream. I have got ALOT of nail polishes, too many in fact that I’m trying to sell them so they don’t go to waste. I used to have them neatly displayed in my old room at my Mum’s house,  over 100 nail polishes colour coordinated looking fabulous.


I was wondering if you had any nail care routines that you follow and work? Any lotions and potions you use that you swear by? Let me know, I’d love for my nails and hands to stay this healthy all the time.



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