I’d like to tell you about the very special people in my life that mean the world to me, because without them, I would not be who I am now.

The picture above is of myself. Abbi – my half sister, my Grandad and Jack – my half brother. These three people are very important to me, for many different reasons. My Grandad is my absolute favourite person because he is so intelligent, talented, a great role model, so loving and caring and we have a very strong bond that was there from the beginning and will always be there. It’s hard to explain our bond, because even though he lives in Cornwall, (which is a good 6 hours drive from me at least), we share a connection that is unbreakable by distance. He looks out for me however he can, and I know he is always there for me, no matter what. (In the picture above I have very bloodshot eyes from blahing my eyes out because I was so happy to be with my Grandad, that’s just a little insight into how much he means to me).

When I was very little, about 2, he built me this beautiful hand crafted rocking horse, and I have kept it and looked after to this day, it now sits in my old room at my Mum’s house, I like to think it’s watching over my Mum, looking after her. I hope that maybe when I have children they can enjoy it just as much as I did when I was little. The rocking horse symbolises our bond that we share because of how much hard work was put into it and how much enjoyment came from it, which is the core inspiration for my first tattoo. The detail and delicate look of my tattoo perfectly represents it.


Being a big sister is so amazing, I’m so grateful and proud to have that title. Myself, Abbi and Jack all share the same dad, that is how we are related by blood, but our sibling bond is very tight and I see them purely as my brother and sister, my cheeky little monkeys. Everything I do is to be a good role model to them, and ensure that are making the most out of their lives. I don’t see them as much as I’d like, which really does break my heart, but they know I’m here for them 24/7, and they are coming round very soon to sleepover at Mine and Daniel’s flat (I am so excited!). They are growing up so fast, which scares me, but excites me too, because as they grow up we all get to share different adventures and explore different places together.


Pictured above is my gorgeous mother and I. EVERYONE says we look alike, and if that’s true then we are double trouble! We have very similar personalities, and in the past we did clash sometime because of it, but as I’ve got older we just completely understand each other and we are so incredibly close. When we are together we are completely ourselves, crazy, sassy and fabulous. She has taught me everything I know, and has guided me to become the young lady I am today (she’s done a very good job if i do say so myself, ahaha). I have recently moved out and I do feel very lost without her, but I know she isn’t far and it is good for me to face the real world. Mine and Mum’s bond is very special to me, and she will always be my rock, the person who keeps me grounded and keeps me smiling. I love my mum ever so much and I can’t wait to do so many crazy things with her in the future, she is my best friend and that will never change.

Family members are very important to look after, a quote from my favourite character puts it perfectly –

‘Ohana means family, family means NOONE gets left behind, or forgotten’ – Stitch



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