Disneyland Paris at Christmas


In Late November my Mum and I went to the most magical place I’ve ever been… DISNEYLAND PARIS!

For my 18th birthday in February my mum surprised me with tickets to Disneyland Paris during the Christmas themed period, I have been so excited all year and when it finally came to the day we were going I was SOOOOOO excited, just like a child on Christmas morning!

We went via train and Eurostar and arrived in the Park around 3pm local time on the Friday. So we had the whole afternoon/evening to take in all the Disney Magic. First thing I did… buy some Disney ears, of course… and I fell in love with these sparkly beauties!


(They also matched my beautiful nails done by Claire at Indulge Beauty perfectly!)

We explored the Disneyland Park first, we did go on a few rides but I was more than happy walking round, admiring all the detail and character of each and every part of the Park. It was truly amazing and I felt so so happy. One of the first rides we went on was the Roller Coaster ‘Space Mountain Mission 2’, I was nervous about going on it as I hadn’t been on a big Roller Coaster in a very long time, and didn’t think I enjoyed them as much anymore, but Mum persuaded me to give it a go, as she assured me it wouldn’t go upside down because she wouldn’t go on it if it did… The Roller Coaster was amazing and I’m glad I did go on it, it was in darkness, with stars and planets zooming by, it was very cool, and even though we found out (during the ride) it did indeed go upside down, ALOT, we both enjoyed it very much!


(Our faces explain how we were feeling during the ride, I did make my Mum hold my hand the whole time, I was scared okay…sorry for squeezing your hand too tight mum!)

Saturday we went round Walt Disney Studios and the Disneyland Park, and we got to explore the majority of the site, going on rides, taking photos, and spending HOURS in the shops, which was actually my favourite thing to do! I LOVEEEE Disney merchandise and there was such a wide range of characters and products that I just wanted to look at them all, and also buy them all…I did buy quite alot of Disney goodies, mainly for myself, so many that I will share some of them in a separate Blog Post, so keep an eye out! i was so amazed at how much Stitch merchandise there was and most of it was Park exclusive so I had never seen it before, I was in Stitch heaven!

I thought that whilst i was at Disneyland I HAD to meet the stars of the Magic, Mickey and Minnie. I did say to myself that I wouldn’t queue to see characters but as we got the Magic Hours early entry to the Park as we stayed in a Disney hotel, I couldn’t resist the small wait to have a photo…


(Look at my really cheesy happy grin, I am so pleased to be there, aw)

I also met Chip and Dale, I didn’t even queue 5 minutes to meet them as they were deep in the park during Magic Hours. THEY WERE ADORABLE. The best character interaction I could dream of! They both gave me a massive cuddle, and kept kissing me, with cute little kiss noises that made me giggle! They loved my head band I was wearing and kept stroking it, it was so cute. (It was very cold the whole weekend, so I basically lived in my fluffy headband!)

They posed for photos with me and held my hand so tight and I felt so special. Yes, I am 18 and they made me feel special. True Disney love and magic right there.

Saturday night we went to Buffalo Bills Wild West Dinner Show, where we ate our lovely 3 course meal watching a fantastic show Wild West themed with cowboys, horses and the Characters. I only took a few photos as it was more of a ‘you had to be there’ experience, and the food was more important haha!

We spent Sunday going on a few more rides and attractions and wandering round the park and the shops. I was sad to be leaving but I must admit, all the walking and excitement had exhausted me and my poor feet had had enough and couldn’t wait for a rest!

If you are a massive Disney fan, or even just a little bit, 100% go to Disneyland Paris and experience the magic yourself, it is incredible and you will always find something to do that you will love!! Me and Mum are already planning our next trip there, I can’t wait! I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing a little insight into my Disneyland experience, I have had to stop myself writing too much because I could tell you about it for hours and hours!

If you want to check out more of my Disney photos take a look on my instagram: itsonlykirstyn




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