My Top 5 Drugstore Makeup Products


When I look for new makeup products, the key things I think about are: Price – because I’m on an apprentice wage and I have bills to pay! Ease of application – I need it to be quick and easy to apply and not use any fancy tools that I need to splash the cash on.  Accessible – I want to be able to purchase it without going far away, so drugstore makeup is perfect for me. And finally, how it makes me feel – If I feel confident wearing the product without feeling like I have makeup plastered across my face or that it won’t smudge when I do my famous sneeze, then it is a winner for me. All these elements combined create my favourite makeup products.

In the photo above I am wearing all the products I am going to talk about. I like a natural/everyday makeup look which these products combined create perfectly.


Seventeen ‘Instant Glow Gold Bronze Shimmer Brick’

I am totally obsessed with this product. It is a recent discovery of mine and I instantly fell in LOVE with it. I use the bottom two colours as a bronzer and apply it to the bottom of my cheek bones to contour. I use a Barry M angled bronzer brush and stroke from the apples of my cheeks up to the top of my ear (this brush has actually been discontinued but a medium size powder brush will work perfect). I also apply the bottom two colours on the top of my forehead in a gentle circular motion. These colours are a perfect shimmer which makes my face look sunkissed and dewy.

I use the bottom colour to contour the crease of my eyes to give a little bit of depth and the top colour on my lids to add a little bit of sparkle and bring my face together.

I use the top two colours to highlight my cheekbones, and they are very pigmented which is amazing! I use the Barry M Bronzer Brush and smile whilst applying the product to the top of my cheekbones round to my brow bone.

In the summer this product will be ideal if you mix all the colours together and brush all over the face to give a glossy sun tan shimmer.



Barry M ‘Make Me Blush Cream’ in shade 2 – Rhubard Crumble

I have never been a fan of blusher because with my curly blonde hair, a classic rosy pink cheek makes me feel as if I look like a child’s doll. However, when I took a chance and tried out this cream blusher, it made me change my mind. Even though in the stick it looks quite matte, when applied onto skin in creates a subtle pink shimmer and I adore it! I use my finger to apply very little product on the apples of my cheeks and blend up into my highlight. This shade, Rhubarb Crumble is a peachy pink on my skin and I think I will keep to this colour as I love it so much. Well done Barry M, you have converted me to a blusher lover!


Barrry M ‘Brow Kit Shape and Define’ in the shade Medium to Dark

My trusty old friend -I have been using the Barry M Brow Kit since I discovered it around 2 years ago ish. This is my third one, which says alot as I practically use it everyday, so it lasts a long time! They have very recently repackaged this kit and I think they may do different shades now as this one states ‘Medium to Dark’ where as previously it didn’t. It comes with a small pair of tweezers which I detest because they are so thick and tiny and ew. And a small double ended applicator brush which I do use if I’m travelling and don’t want to take all my brushes with me. There are going to be so many ways to apply this to your brows as its personal preference on how you like your brows, but this is how I do mine. I like quite dark, well shaped brows that slightly fade towards my nose, but I do still like them to look hairy rather than solid. I first use my Barry M Angled Eyeliner Brush and lightly stroke the end into the brown wax. I then do small strokes around the arch of my brow to fill in any gaps and create a stronger shape. I then shape the tail of my brow and then add more product to my brush. I then line the underneath of my brow and then blend it up pushing the product into the rest of my brow. Using the same brush (which is abit naughty but oh well) I then dab the end lightly into the dark brown powder and tap off any excess. I then press the powder onto the arch shape of my brow and along the tail to darken and set the wax. I then clean the brush on a tissue and use the brush to blend product out from the middle of my brow towards my nose to give that slightly faded effect. To finish off I use my Barry M Concealer Brush  to add a little highlight under the brow using the cream powder. And tadaa.


Maybelline New York ‘Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara’ Waterproof

This Mascara is ALWAYS the one I go back to. I do try out different mascaras but I never like them because I always compare them to this one, and they are NEVER as good. First I curl my lashes, then I usually apply a base coat of a different mascara to separate my lashes, at the moment I’m using Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless. I then apply this mascara by wiggling the wand and blinking onto the wand of the mascara. I do this a couple of times until all lashes are coated nicely and my lashes are the length I want. This mascara is quite thick which is why I apply a base coat of something else so that it has something to grip to whilst it dries.  The wand is curved and the top side of the wand in the picture has short nibs and the bottom side had longer nibs. I do not use this on my bottom lashes as I have very long bottom lashes and don’t want to make them too bold, so I use my base mascara and gently wiggle on one coat.


Rimmel London ‘Lip Conditioning Balm by Kate’ in the shade 01 Clear.

This is such a great alternative to a generic lip balm or Vaseline as it makes your lips sooo soft and silky. During the winter and cold weather, it will be your bestfriend for sure. I use it as an everyday lip balm but also as a base coat when applying matte lipsticks as it moisturises the skin without making it oily so lipstick glides on top perfectly. It also feels nicer to apply than a normal lip balm as it looks more classy as it’s in the shape of a lip stick.

So there you go, my current Top 5 Drugstore Makeup Products. I hope you will give them a go and love them as much as I do.

If you have any questions or use these products yourself leave a comment below or find me on social media!


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