Daily Struggles: Having My Name

Just a quick post to express some daily struggles I have to put up with, and I am positive I am not the only one that has to deal with having an uncommon name/weirdly spelt name. So I am sure alot of people will relate:

  • Noone never knows how to SAY your name, let alone spell it.
    ‘Kirst-on? Kirst-un? Kirst-en? Kirsty? Kirsty-en? Keerst-in?’ NO NO NO NO NO NO. It’s said like: KIRST-IN. Just to clarify.
  • You get asked, ‘Oh, what country is your name from?’ Everyone around the world uses a variety of names, and yes some are more common in some countries, but my name has come from England, as this is where I was named.. so shhh.
  • When someone asks your name to write it down you automatically spell it out to them before you’ve actually said your name… ‘Can I take your name please?’ ‘Yes it’s K I R S T Y N, Kirstyn’ And about 80% of the time they STILL spell it wrong. *Sigh*
  • Want a souvenir with your name on? That’s a shame my friend, as you will have to choose the blank space name plates or the ‘DIVA‘ name tag for you.. Or go for the one that looks close to yours.. But then people will think that’s your name and it’s really, really not. So I just go with a non-named souvenir, it’s for the best.
  • Writing your name on your phone and it auto-corrects to a misspelling of your name and you feel like you’ve committed fraud. THE HORROR
  • You are writing something on the computer and you type your name and it humiliates you by doing the red jagged underline of doom saying that you do not exist in it’s dictionary. Then even when you click ‘add to dictionary’ it still doesn’t like it the next time you type it.
  • You get so fed up of telling people they have spelt your name wrong that you just accept it and take on another identity. *They will never know the real me..mwahaha.*
  • For me, a personal one it, ‘Can I call you Kirsty?’ No you can’t call me Kirsty because that is NOT my name… My name is Kirstyn. So you may call me Kirstyn. Thank you.

Let me know if you can relate to these, maybe it’s just me…




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