Product Review: Footner Exfoliating Socks

I first saw an article on this product in an online magazine and I was totally intrigued whether what it claims to do actually happens… so I gave them a try.

People who are grossed out by feet, read with caution. But don’t worry, I didn’t include pictures of my feet.

Footner exfoliating socks are essentially plastic socks filled with a gel that you wear for 60 minutes, and it claims that after roughly 1 week, your feet will be silky smooth with no dead skin. I’m not sure what the gel inside actually does chemically, but over the week a good few layers of skin peel off your feet, leaving a fresh new layer of skin. The top layers of skin on your feet are usually rough and dry because they are dead cells, so new skin cells will feel soft and smooth.


Instructions took from

Wearing the socks itself is a weird feeling, they are very big so I would 100% recommend wearing normal socks over the top so you can move your feet about without the Footner socks falling off or sliding about. I didn’t particularly like the smell of them, to me it’s like a weak nail polish remover, ew. After an hour of wearing them, I slipped them off and rinsed my feet with warm water. And then the wait begins.

Day 1 nothing happens, the texture of my feet felt slightly drier than normal, but you are told NOT to moisturise at all, as it can effect the process. Day 2 the bottom of my heels started to peel ever so slightly, and my feet smelt weird…mm. Day 3 and my heels were peeling alot and other places on my foot were starting to peel. Day 4 and I rather grossly but satisfyingly enjoyed peeling the skin from my feet, but only peeling the skin that was totally ready, not forcing it to come off, otherwise that could leave them sore. Day 5 and the tops of my feet started to peel, a strange sensation I must admit. Day 6 and my feet looked a total mess. Skin peeling everywhere with lines all over where the dead cells stopped. I now have an evening ritual to peel all the loose skin off, so disgusting but so rewarding. Day 7 and after a final peeling session my feet look brand new. A much pinker and healthier colour and feel ever so smooth to touch.

The verdict – (I did take pictures of before, during and after but decided not to include them as really, the true benefit of this product is the feel, which is hard to portray in a photo.) I am extremely pleased with the results and I think a week worth of peeling feet is definitely worth it. I would recommend doing before going on holiday when you have your feet out on the beach, or in flip flops. For me however, the only thing about having soft feet is when doing a 5 hour hike a couple of days after, my feet are incredibly sore and more prone to blisters…But that’s my lifestyle choice and I will not being giving Scouting up just to have soft tootsies. Footner recommend you use the product ever 3-4 months to keep perfect feet. At £20 each packet, I don’t think that is an expensive routine at all. I think this product is fab! I bought mine from boots, but you can get it from other places like Amazon too.

Find out about Footner here:


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