How I Get My Brows

A short and sweet post about how I maintain my eyebrow shape…


These photos were taken after growing my eyebrows out for about 2 weeks. In a way I guess I’m lucky to have light eyebrows because when they grow back they are very faint and hard to see, but I can assure you, they are VERY messy.

I go to a threading bar in my local town and get them threaded and tinted with a medium brown colour for a duration of 5 minutes. A thread and tint costs me £8 and I do this about every 4 weeks. I keep on top of the shape by plucking them (everyday, oops, I do get obsessed) in the above photo all I’ve done is fill in the middle bits where the hair is thinner using Benefit Browzings in light (my new favourite!).

FAQ about threading:

Does it hurt? The first time I had it done, it hurt a little because it’s a different feeling, just like someone plucking your brows super fast… But as I regularly have it done I’ve got used to it, the only thing is that it makes my eyes water ALOT, so I try to avoid wearing mascara when getting them done!

How long does it last? This will vary for everyone but it keeps the shape of them tidy for about 2 solid weeks without touching them, I maintain the shape for longer by plucking.

Does it take long? NOT AT ALL, after a couple of minutes you have beaaaaautiful brows.

Does it make your skin go red? Again this varies for everyone, but my skin only went red the first couple of times I got it done, but it was never sore (like if you wax), and goes down quick.

Will they make them really thin if I don’t want that? Noo! Speak to the person threading your eyebrows and either explain the shape you want or show them a photo! I am a regular at my threading bar so I trust them to thread them to a shape that suits my face.

I hope you feel more confident about threading and maybe make it part of your beauty routine! I think it’s a cheap way to have fabulous eyebrows.


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