Product Review: Ecotools Brushes

So recently I had a little bit of a splurge in T K Maxx. This is not a regular occurrence for me as money is always tight and T K Maxx is like a jumble sale of brands, BUT this time I decided to have a look around a try to spot to bargain so I’d feel better about treating myself.

I found a few bargains – A work dress for £10, a Casual dress for £6 (scroll down for photos) A roll up brush holder aaaaaaand then I saw these. A set of 5 Ecotool brushes (£9.99) and a single Ecotool brush (£5.99). I could not resist the half price retail tag and the fact I really wanted some new, more long lasting brushes as my old ones were slowly falling apart.



The 5 pack includes:

1 Concealer Brush

1 Angled Liner Brush

1 Eyeshadow Brush

1 Eyebrow Styler Brush

1 Blusher Brush

The single brush by itself is a Domed Bronzer Brush.

The Domed Bronzer Brush I use for my setting powder. It is SO fluffy and soft which I have really been looking for as I found with my old Barry M one it has got too stiff and when I apply powder with it the bristles take my foundation off and leave it patchy. This one does not do that at all, it glides over my face and does my foundation and powder the justice it deserves.

The Eyeshadow Brush and the Concealer Brush I both use for applying eyeshadow, One brush really packs on the eyeshadow, no need to use my finger anymore, and the other is great for blending the edges.

The Angled Liner Brush I use for my eyebrows – it is quite a thick brush so harder to use for the more defined lines but none-the-less it works well. I think when I wash this I will try it to smoke out eyeliner or create a smokey eyeliner affect with it and see if it suits that better.

The Eyebrow Styler brush is perfect for me. The bristles are thick but soft so you can manipulate the brow hairs easily without scratching the area.

Overall, I am SOOO pleased with my purchases and will definitely look into purchasing more Ecotool products!

Here’s a little makeup look I did with all the brushes…


Oh and wearing that bargain £6 dress I’m obsessed with (ft. selfie stick)…


Let me know what you think of Ecotools and if you use any of their brushes! Have you picked up any bargains in T K Maxx that you are so pleased with?


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