Product Review: WoodWick Candles

Since me and Daniel (my fiance) moved in together in September, we have really enjoyed lighting a candle in the evening to not only eliminate any odour from food we have cooked, but also to create a calm and cosy atmosphere. We are big lovers of Yankee Candle – Pink Dragon fruit being our favourite. But we had got through a few Yankee Candles and couldn’t find any scents that particularly excited us so we decided to try out a new brand.

I have alot of knowledge about this brand of candle, WoodWick, as I used to work in an independent home-ware store (Reeds Homestore) which sells this brand of candle and I can guarantee I’ve probably smelt EVERY scent they stock as I was just obsessed with them.


WoodWick aren’t just like any candle, they have something unique as you can tell by the brand name – They have a wooden wick. What’s special about having a wooden wick is when the candle burns it creates a subtle sound of a crackling fire. It is so soothing and makes the room feel really homely, much better than our electric fire that just sounds like a fan – a very annoying noisy fan.


This time went for the scent Honeysuckle which smells fresh, a little floral and a little fruity. One of the scents I love from WoodWick is Vanilla Bean – such a soft and strong scent of a really yummy vanilla scent. They also do love trio candles, which have three layers of scents that you slowly burn through. They have a huge range of scents from Sea Salt and Cotton to Vintage Leather (and yes, it really does smell like leather!).  If you can get to a shop that sells them go and have a sniff! You won’t be disappointed.


WoodWick burn for just as long as Yankee Candles and also are pretty much the same price – the jar may look like it has less in it for the money but it is the shape of the jar that throws you! You can also get wax melts of pretty much every scent to use in a burner, and they also do reed diffusers in lots of scents. If you wanted to give one as a gift they also do really lovely lamp shades for the jars and gorgeous mosaic effect burners.

Let me know what you think of WoodWick!

Their official website is here – WoodWick 

P.s. How cute does our mantel piece look. The Storm Trooper ceramic mask was actually a cookie jar but it cracked down one side when we pulled the lid off so we reinvented it – Potpourri Holder and mantel piece feature. There’s literally so much Star Wars in our flat – let me know if you would like to see them all!


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