10 Facts About Me and *1000* Views!

First of all I just wanted to say a big thank you to all you lovely readers! I have just hit 1000 views on my blog since it started! Considering I’ve only got 16 posts on here I am overwhelmed! I hope to post more regularly on here in the future and hope you continue to enjoy reading them. Thank you to everyone who interacts with me via comments, likes and follows. I am so grateful.

To mark this little occasion I am going to give you 10 facts about me, so you can get to know me a little better.

  1. I am a big Disney fan (as if you didn’t know that already!), my favourite character is Stitch and I have quiiiiite alot of Disney merchandise dotted around my flat. I did a Disney Q and A here if you want to know more about my Disney life! Ooh and if you’d like me to do a Disney Merch post or Disney homeware post let me know!
  2. I am currently doing a Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship at a pharmaceutical company that manufacturers plastic injection moulded parts. I am half way through my apprenticeship (2 years gone, 2 years to go). It’s very intense and alot to learn but I am really enjoying learning all the knowledge and skills that will equip me to become a great engineer.
  3. I met my (now) fiance Daniel at work and for the first few weeks I absolutely hated him! The more we spoke to closer we become and actually, (cringey gooey bit sorry) 20 months on we are now quite inseparable, aww. He proposed to me on New Years Eve 2015 and we plan to get married sometime after we have finished our apprenticeships.
  4. My natural hair colour is an ashy blonde but recently I’ve had it lightened ready for the sun to bleach it naturally. I have had a few crazy hair moments in my High School years, I dyed it black, yes, black, for about 3 years – looking back, I hate it, I look waaay too fake. When I finished high school I then did a wash in wash out pink dye, it was supposed to last about a week but with having such light hair naturally it lasted 3 MONTHS. Sigh. It looked pretty funky though. And yes, my hair is naturally SO curly.
  5. I have been involved in Scouting since I was around 13. Now 19 I am a Scout Leader (young people aged 10-14) and although it is incredibly tough, both physically and emotionally, I absolutely thrive off of it and it had made me such a better person. Scouts gave me such self confidence and amazing opportunities that I really enjoy giving that back to the next generation. More about this here.
  6. I have 2 tattoos, well, if you wanna be particular you could say I have 4, but, they are 1 set and 1 individual. The first one I got when I was 18 and it is a very dainty pretty rocking horse. It represents my Grandad who is very special to me as he hand crafted me an incredible rocking horse when I was a baby and I still have it to this day. He lives in Cornwall so I see him around once a year and that’s very difficult for me, so my tattoo is a little something that’s always with me. The second tattoo is a set of 3 hot air balloons going down my spine, these represent a couple of things to me. Firstly going in a hot air balloon is my ultimate bucket list activity and I cannot wait for the day I finally get to do it. I also moved out of my Mum’s house in September 2015 and I really struggled to adjust, but after a few months I finally got used to it and I’m ‘flying high’ and doing my own thing, not depending on my Mum.
  7. I watch far too much YouTube, like it’s an actual addiction. I’ve had to stop myself watching so much. I now only allow myself to watch my favourite YouTuber’s videos when I work out at the gym, so now I can’t wait to get to the gym.. to watch the videos.. I mean workout..mm…
  8. It is RARE for me to wear any other shoes apart from boots. I’m either wearing Timberland style boots or my Dr Martens. At work I wear leather style boots or plimsoles when I’m feeling super lazy.
  9. In High school I used to love doing my nails, I got really good at doing nail art and started to get really creative with it. At work I’m not allowed to wear nail polish due to potential product contamination which is gutting because I really miss doing my nails and creating cool designs. Waah.
  10. Scouting is now my only current hobby but I have tried a fair few in my time. Ballet, baton twirling, swimming, drama, street dance, netball and then Scouts. I have commitment issues with hobbies and I get bored very quick so Scouting must be amazing for me to have stuck at it for 6 years and still love it so much.


I hope you found something about me interesting! I’m quite boring really, sorry!

Again, thanks for supporting my blog, means alot to me.


itsonlykirstyn xo


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