How to Maintain White/Super Light Blonde Hair 

Hello friends!

Today I thought I’d share with you my holy grail when it comes to maintaining my super bright, light blonde.

It is just one product that 100% works, is super affordable and easily available. What more could you want! This is my honest opinion, I love this product and it really works, and no I haven’t been paid to say this haha! Just a genuine opinion I need to share with you all!

But first, I will tell you how I got there in the first place. My hair is naturally a very dirty blonde, the older I get the darker it’s getting. I know I’m blessed to have blonde hair, and I do love it so much, but I wanted my light blonde back that I had when I was younger, so I went to my hairdressers and started my journey to getting Elsa-like white hair.

This is my natural hair, and curls, in all its glory:

I haven’t had any dye in my hair for over 2 years. So my hair was very healthy, just dull and had lots of brassy tones.

My lovely hairdresser Jenna, at Ronaldo Hairshare in Kings Lynn, applied a very light blonde dye, no bleach, and I had that on for around 40 minutes. It was then washed out and a toner was applied because the colour wasn’t totally even all over. That was rinsed out, left to dry and this was the outcome:

As you can see it was much much lighter. I loved it because as my roots slowly grew out you couldn’t really tell it was a different colour, but to me, my hair was still a ‘yellow’ blonde and I wanted white.

So 6 weeks later I went back to Jenna, and explained I wanted to go even lighter. As my hair was in such good condition she suggested we used bleach this time, as it would take out all the brassy, yellow tones that I didn’t want. I had the bleach on about 35 minutes. As it was developing I could see it getting whiter and whiter, although bleach is SO itchy and gets so irritating, but I’ve had hair dye on lots before so I could grin and bare it. After having the bleach washed out, again a toner was put on, but for literally a few minutes if that, and this was the result when it had dried:

The most beautiful white blonde, it was so light and bright!!!

After a couple of weeks the toner slowly wears off, and some brassy tones may come back, for me they did, and even though they don’t look bad, it wasn’t the Elsa colour I was aiming for. The ‘yellow’ was starting to come back.

So I started to look around for a purple shampoo, as that is what my hairdresser had suggested I used.

Now this is the product that has helped me maintain my lovely white blonde and gives it a boost of shine and brightness everytime I use it:

Provoke Touch of Silver Brightening shampoo -£3.19 in Boots

I use it every 3 washes and honestly you notice such a before and after!! I apply it like a normal shampoo, creating a foamy lather and leave it on for around 4 minutes ish. Then rinse, apply conditioner as normal, rinse, dry and see the difference!!

This small bottle is really deceiving as a little goes a long way, and it’s around £3 a bottle, so really affordable compared to most on the market, and this one really works!

It’s now been around 7 weeks since I had bleach applied and it’s look better than it did then!

So for all you blondies out there that want to freshen up their colour or lighten and brighten their blonde, I would 100% recommend this product!!


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