DIY Hair Scrunchies – Boredom Buster

Hi Friends!

I’m starting a new series of blog posts called Boredom Busters – It’s basically my way of sharing with you the things I do to try to keep myself busy and so we can all have a giggle at my awful attempts. These boredom busters will just be uploaded as and when I come across them or try them, so keep an eye out for them! Maybe you’ll find something you enjoy!

So for my first Boredom Buster, I have attempted (yes, I tried really hard okay, give me some slack) at making some hair scrunchies. Disclaimer: I am no DIY expert or master crafts woman, it’s me having a bit of fun, and telling you how I did it in case you want to try it too!

I love the 90s vibe of hair scrunchies and I always have to have my fringe out my face somehow, so why not make some cute accessories.

I watched a couple of YouTube vids on how to make them and was convinced I was a scrunchie creating master so off I went. I bought some elastic realllllly cheap from a local sewing shop, and bought some love heart fabric from The Fent Shop in King’s Lynn, again, it was not pricey at all. The fabric below is actually a top I bought at a car boot sale a while ago, it was way too small but I liked the print because it reminds me of Lilo from Lilo and Stitch, so of course I was drawn to it.

Anyways, to start off with I cut a piece of fabric about 14 inches long by about 2 inches. Oh by the way guys, totally winging the measurements, so if you want it more ruffled then go longer, or want a small scrunchie shorten it to your taste. That’s the cool thing about scrunchies, they work any size or length really, just bare in mind.. the elastic needs to be about half the length of the material, so you can stretch the scrunchie out when your putting it in your hair.

After that, fold it in half so the inside of the fabric is on the outside, and sew about half a centimetre away from the edge, all along the length of material, leaving the ends open. My sewing is awful, and not neat at all, but it really doesn’t matter with these, even it it goes wonky, you wont notice when you’re finished! If you prefer you could use a sewing machine, but I quite liked getting into the rhythm of hand sewing.

Then you want to turn it inside out, and gather all the material over your thumb or finger, and thread the the elastic though it, but don’t let go of the ends!

Then, sew the ends of the elastic together and make sure its secure, as it will need to withstand some tugging and pulling! To finish the material, fold one end over inside its self to neaten the edge, and slide it over the other end, sew along the join, ensuring you sew the elastic the middle of it, again making sure your stitching is secure.

And there you go. A cute lil scrunchie.

I then started to mess around with the other fabric, but when I got to the final stage of fixing the material together, I realised I hadn’t made it long enough, or I made the elastic too long – rookie error, be careful. So I played about with the material and made a super easy bow, and it looks even better than a simple scrunchie! HOW CUTE! I think I may be doing just the bows in future, maybe on small bobble or clips, so let me know if you’d like me to write about it!

So there you go, I had a fun little evening making these and I’m sure I’ll get better at judging the lengths so that it makes the perfect accessory!

Let me know if you give it a go and I’d love to see your outcomes!

Or why not show me on on social media, or just come say hi, I’m very friendly I promise!

@itsonlykirstyn on all social media!



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