My Tattoos

Hello Friends!

Today I’m going to share with you my current tattoos, talk to you about why I got them and also how much they hurt – spoiler alert, ouuuuuch.

The first tattoo I got was is April 2015. Although I was 18 and only just old enough to have a tattoo I had been planning it for about a year, so when I could get one it wasn’t an impulse design and made sure I wasn’t getting one just because I could.

I chose a rocking horse for a very special reason, when I was very little, about 1/2 my Granddad handmade me the most beautiful rocking horse. I still have it to this day. My Granddad is such a special person to me and we have a very strong bond, so a rocking horse symbolises our relationship and bond we share. The rocking horse he made isn’t on a rocker base like my tattoo, its a swinging base, but to suit the placement I wanted and old fashioned detailed style I wanted it looked much better. The photo below is after I’d first has it done. It doesn’t look as shiny now and I’ve had a few lines touched up.


The pain really wasn’t too bad honestly. It took around an hour too which is amazing for the detail. As it was my first tattoo I’d worked myself up for alot of pain but it was just a bit uncomfortable. For this area on me (remember everyone is different) I’d describe the feeling of an epilator (hair removal machine thingy) which plucks lots of hairs out at once.

My most recent tattoo I had done in January 2016. For this tattoo my biggest bucket list dream inspired it – flying around the world in a hot air balloon. I’d also quite recently moved out of my Mum’s house and so it was fitting because I was flying off to my new adventure.

I have 3 rather large but extremely detailed hot air balloons going down my spine, and I honestly love them SO much. Rick, my tattooist totally blew me away with his designs and I just couldn’t wait for them to be on my body. They are so pretty and I love the vintage feel to them. It’s becoming abit of a theme in my tattoo choices, including future planned ones. I decided on the placement because the top one would pretty much always been seen, but can easily be covered if I want to (that’s important to me), but mainly because I felt the shapes and sizes of them suited my body and looked in proportion.



Now I’m not going to lie to you guys, I CRIED SO much when having these done, especially the top one as its right at the base of my neck and top of my spine. It took around 2 hours to do (again, incredible for the amount of detail), but around 1 hour in it honestly felt like a deep scratch drawing blood and I didn’t stop crying, but I wanted to get through it and knew it would be totally worth it. You might think this would put me off but I would deffo have another one, because I can’t have another tattoo in the same place, and all places feel different. I also keep thinking of new designs I want to get and it just makes me excited to have more!

I know some people really don’t agree with tattoos, and that’s absolutely fine, but for me tattoos are a way of expressing my indivuality. They amazingly give me so much more body confidence too, because rather than just showing skin on parts of my body I might feel insecure about, I love showing off the beautiful designs on my body.

I must admit I’m not a massive fan of colour tattoos, because I feel like it would restrict what I wore and would become alot more novelty – but again that’s my personal opinion. Who knows maybe I’ll change my mind one day!

I hope you enjoyed learning about my tattoos – I know I only have a couple but they a very meaningful to me and I’m only just starting my tatted journey!




2 Replies to “My Tattoos”

  1. Was lovely reading your feelings behind your ink babe. Especially love the part regarding your bond with Uncle Alan ( grandad ) lol.. he’s an incredible man. Lots of happy memories of him..
    Can’t wait to see what other beauties Rick creates for you hun. Xxx

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