Product Review: The VCC Brush Cleaning Tool

Hello friends!

For those of you in England it’s bank holiday Monday which means a day off work! Woohoo! At least for most of us…

This weekend I’ve been doing some jobs about the flat trying to get the housework done and the other boring adult stuff that I hate, sigh. One thing certainly no one particularly enjoys is cleaning their makeup brushes. We all know how important it is, bacteria can grow between the bristles and you can spread germs all over your face the more and more you use your brush, but we all put it off because it’s just such a chore… Right?

Well thats how I felt until I used this really nifty product called the Brush Cleaning Tool.

It’s by the lovely brand the Vintage Cosmetics company, which I’ve been familiar with for a year or too as my beautiful floral brush roll which is featured in this post is from the same company.

The lovely lady Kimberley who is my local distributer has kindly given me two products below at a discounted price and gifted me a product below too. Click her name for a link direct to her Facebook Page or search @vintagekimberley. She’s a very lovely lady and will be sure to help you out with your orders. Let her know you found her through my post!

Don’t the products look amazing and just look at that packaging *heart eye emoji*. I love the look of the products so I’ll be sure to share my opinions with you guys soon.

So onto testing out the brush cleaning tool, and prove how easy it makes the previously chore of a job.

It’s such a small, travel friendly tool and feels like such amazing quality! I used it along with my favourite product for cleaning brushes, Johnsons baby softwash which is super affordable, accessible and makes the bristles SO SOFT.

I simply put a small amount on the tool and swirled my brushed around on the surface with big ridges. And honestly it was clean in a few good swirls and a rinse under warm water. It was amazing. I used to swirl the brush in my hands and it used to take aaaaages.

There’s a big ridges part for your bigger brushes, and a small nobbles part for your smaller brushes. Each work perfectly for their application.

The tool does not stain or grip onto the makeup and is easy to hold. I can easily hold it on two fingers and support the brush swirling against it.

Once I’ve cleaned all the brushes I leave them to dry on a piece of kitchen roll overnight, ensuring all the bristles are laid out neatly.

And taddaaaa. Brushes all clean and drying in a matter of minutes! And can I add, they smell amazing too.

I absolutely love this little tool and love how affordable it is, and how cute it is! Just look at it! It will always be part of my makeup brush cleaning routine now as it just makes it such a simple process.

Be sure to check out the Vintage Cosmetics Company and take a look at Kimberley’s Facebook page for great offers and competitions!


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