Weekend Camping on the Norfolk Broads

Hello friends!

This weekend I stayed in my Grandads campervan with my Mum and dog, Lady.

We stayed on a beautiful small campsite called Willowcroft for 3 nights. The site was very quiet and relaxing, and was only a 2 minute walk to a river. Along the river were extremely cute holiday cottages, some of them only accessible by boat, how sweet! It would be an amazing place to retire.

Over the weekend we visited the various small surrounding villages and on the Sunday we found a stunning beach (which had free parking, bonus). The beach was in Scratby and you descended down a path then down some steep wooden steps to get on the beach. The sand was very hard to walk on because it was so sandy but was so worth it. No shells to cut your feet on, just lots of pretty pebbles to admire. Lady had such a good time although she lost her ball in the sea which she was really upset about, bless her. The final day we went to Horsey beach and saw lots of seals swimming about in the sea, it was so lovely to see them so close in their natural environment.

Sharing a small campervan with your mum and a dog might sound a little weird, but it’s such a lovely way to spend a weekend.

I thought I’d share with you a selection of photos I took during the weekend. Only taken on my iPhone 6 but the photos are part of special memories so I want to share them, enjoy…

I would love to come back soon, and as its in the same county as where I live, I might just do that very soon!


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