5 Minute Makeup Challenge

Hello Friends!

With more things being adding into my daily life with exciting new opportunities using more of my free time, I rarely get the time to pamper myself, let alone do a full face of makeup! I used to be the type of person that was ready to go out in 10 minutes, yet nowadays with the discovery of different makeup and tools and alllll sorts of products to choose from, I take much much longer…

So I set myself the challenge of doing my makeup in 5 minutes.. It was tough, but it made me realise what I actually really wanted to achieve with makeup, which for me is essentially evening out my skin tone and adding abit of colour to my face.

I let myself have free range of all my makeup, but I wasn’t surprised at the products I chose to use as they are my trusty favourites. I loved the fact all these products came together and created my best lazy girl look.


How to:

I used The Vintage Cosmetics Company Blending Sponge to blend Makeup Gallery Hide and Chic Concealer under my eyes, on my eye lids, my forehead and down my nose.

Again, using The Vintage Cosmetics Company Blending Sponge to apply The Body Shop Foundation – Shade 05 I dabbed it all over my face and evened out my skin tone.

Then using the Eco Tools Bronzer Brush I lighted brushed Barry M Chisel Cheeks Bronze shade in a three shape round my face.

Then highlighted my brow bone and cheek bones using an Ebay unbranded Angled Powder Brush to apply the top 2 highlight colours in the Seventeen Instant Glow Shimmer Brick.

I then used to spoolie to brush any product out my brows and neaten them up, before I brushed the Rimmel London Brow This Way in Dark Brown over my brow hairs.

I finished off with a bold Red /Purple Lip using Barry M Lip paint in Shade 162. Then dabbed tissue over them to take away any excess. Mwah.

I had 3 seconds to spare.. phewww.

Here are the before and afters:




I am so pleased with it, and I will deffo be trying to do it in 5 minutes more often! The lip colour and highlight make the look! I chose not to ear mascara because I absolutely detest wearing it and I felt like it looked good without it anyways.

Let me know what you think, and what your go-to products would be if you only had 5 minutes!!


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