Disney Hair Bows 

Hello friends! 

Recently I’ve been trying out some little crafty ideas, and one day at a bootsale I found these gorgeous Disney ribbons for 50p a metre! I got a few different ones, but my favourite by far is the Baymax and Hiro one. So I made some cute little hair bows from them. I also bought myself a hot glue gun a few weeks ago, so I’ve been playing about with that too. 

I’ll let the pictures do the talking, (in other words I totally winged it and you will have to as well sorry). 


Heart fabric- The Fent Shop

Disney ribbon – Car Boot Sale but available on eBay

Floral fabric -Old primark top

Craft pegs – The Range

Elastic – Craft Shop

So now you’ve seen what I do in my spare time if I have the patience.. haha. I will say that fingertips were burnt in the process of making these, but do not fear, I did survive.

Any questions comment below! 

Also thank you to the lovely girlies that keeping tagging me in Disney crafts, I’m feeling very inspired now, best get my butt in gear! 


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