Face Paint Fun

Hello friends!

I hope you are all doing well, and for those of you who are off for half term, I hope you’re having a lovely break. I have the week off work and I am enjoying it so much. I’m probably getting way too much sleep though…haha.

For this post I wanted to work with the lovely Maddie (IG: makeupbymadsxox) on some cool makeup looks using mainly face paint. I was essentially her model and let her have full control of the looks and designs. 

I LOVED doing this shoot, at first I didn’t really know what to expect considering I hardly knew Kirstyn and had no idea who Lauren was, but they both made me feel so welcome and nothing was awkward at all! My most Favourite part about this whole thing was going into the room where Lauren had set up all of her photography bits and actually seeing the makeup I did on Kirstyn and getting a chance to have a good look at it! 

I’m doing media makeup at college because it’s something that I thought looked interesting! And although I’m not on the level I ideally wish to be on, I’ll be going on to do that next year. Maddie

We worked with Lauren (FB: LBHPhotography) for the photos and had so much fun doing the shoot, we all giggled and laughed as the shoot was going on. 

I loved doing this shoot with Kirstyn and Maddie, we had such a giggle, and it was so much fun – we joined forces during this shoot to produce some beautiful photographs. I love photography because it brings out the best in me, I’m not an academically smart girl, but I love being creative and getting my hands dirty. I studied photography at school and enjoyed it so much, and I knew then it was something I wanted to do in the future. 4 years later, here I am! I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we do! Lauren

The first look is character inspired, Pikachu from Pokemon. It is such a cute idea and looks so cool with the bright yellow against a light background. The red lips finish it off so nicely. Mwah.

For the next look it was a Pinterest inspired look, a beautiful flower surrounding one eyes, with glitter and bursts of colour. Pretty pinks, purples and blue really makes this look stand out, I love it!

And for the final look, which was our favourite, was a colourful tribal inspired look. All the colours blended together so well yet each stand out behind the black geometric shapes. This one took the longest to do, but my goodness it was worth it! It photographs so well too, Lauren was really clever with her lighting and angles. Ahhhhh I love it!

I didn’t want to take the tribal look off! It made me feel so powerful and fierce. It’s such a cool look and easily wearable for Halloween or a fancy dress party. And the best thing is that you can personalise it, creating different colours and shapes over them, you can really make it your own!

I want to say a massive thank you to Lauren and Maddie for working with me on this post, it was so much fun to spend the evening with you both and create these amazing looks and photos. I’m sure we will all work together on something else very soon!

I hope you enjoyed this post, please please support the girlies and give them some love on their pages:

Maddie – IG: makeupbymadsxox

Lauren – IG: lbhphotography_ FB: LBHPhotography 

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