Christmas Wish List

Hello Friends!

We are in November, can I get a HURRAH! That means Halloween is over and we can get into the Christmas spirit, woohoo! I do love Christmas but everything about it costs a bloody fortune! How you lot with young children cope, I have no idea. I’m going into Christmas with a really small budget this year to get people’s presents so I’m not looking forward to it as much, and I am a mature (hahaha) 19 year old living with my partner now so I don’t really get many presents. Don’t worry January sales, I’m coming for ya.

Anyways, I thought I’d put together a Christmas Wish List, just to give you some inspo of what to ask for and show you some cute lil things that are out there at the moment that I am loving/wanting/longing for…a girl can dream. I went for a mix of high end and low end things, so hopefully you might see something in your price range. Maybe save up your xmas pressies for the high end things? Maybe…

(little disclaimer – none of the photos used in this post belong to me, they are taken directly from the website, all of which will be linked to the item in the titles or description below)

  1. Cath Kidson Pink Faux Fur Coat – £160


This is one of the most expensive item on my list, but also my most wanted, you see my problem? But just look at it! It’s BEAUT-I-FUL. I am a big fan of the colour pink, I love to have bold statement coats or an item of clothing in an outfit that really stands out. The faux fur looks reaaaally soft and smooth and would just be amazing to snuggle inside in the winter months. Coats are my obsession, I swear I used to get about 3 each year. I have since calmed down, but one more won’t hurt, right?

(P.s Who’s excited for the Cath Kidson X Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse range releasing in December? ME ME ME ME ME ME)

2. A new silver necklace – haven’t decided an exact one yet.


In the photo above, (and probably every photo you’ve ever seen of me since Feb 2015) I am wearing a adorable little Tiffany and Co Necklace. I really do adore it, but since I got it for my 18th birthday from Daniel I haven’t taken it off. The colour is really faded, it’s scratched and the pink heart is really discoloured. Although I absolutely love it to pieces, I think it’s time for a new one, just haven’t found anything I particularly like yet…in a reasonable price range…

3. Morphe 30T Palette – £21


I’ve linked BeautyBay for this as this is where I’d be purchasing it from here in the UK. It is a beaut eyeshadow palette from Morphe which is full of ‘classic taupe toned nude hues’ and I LOVE it. I’m not really one for coloured eyeshadow, I love a cranberry colour but that is about as adventurous as I get, so I feel this palette would suit me sooo much. With a mix of shimmers, metallics and mattes, I just can’t get enough of it. And for that price?! It’s going straight in my basket..;)

4. Benefit Gimme Brow – £18.50


Okay, Okay, shoot me. I’m quite late to jump on this bandwagon. But I feel like I’m ready for the upgrade. In terms of product likeness I use the Rimmel London Brow This Way Gel which is great in terms of results however the applicator brush is really quite big for a sculpted brow like mine, so I feel as if the Gimme Brow applicator will be alot easier to work with.

5. Tangle Teezer Thick and Curly -£11


This is only a recent decision that I want a Tangle Teezer, but it would make SO much sense. I never, I repeat never brush my hair. I wash it every single day without fail, and leave it curly, so I actually never feel the need to. Although my hair is ringlet curly it never gets knotty, and for that I’m soooo grateful. However, every morning in the shower I feel as if my whole scalps malts and I’m surprised I even have hair left by the time I get out the shower. It also falls out sooo much throughout the day, every jumper I own is not complete until my back is covered in blonde curls. So I feel as if a Tangle Teezer brush before bed and during a shower will do WONDERS.

6. Gabriella X Primark Cat Dressing Gown £16


I absolutely LOVE the youtuber/vlogger Gabriella Lindley (velvetgh0st), she is one of the realist and most down to earth people. I get soooo excited every time she brings out a Primark range because I just know it’s going to be adorable. However, my most local Primark never had the last lot in when I looked for it, so it either sold out super quick or they never got it in. Either wouldn’t surprise me as it’s a small Primark compared to most. Anyways, I’m hoping I can get my hands on some of the range, and if I get this cute lil dressing gown I’ll be a happy kitty.

7. Primark PJs From £5

Because noone’s life is complete without a good PJ combo from Primark. My absolute fav style is the cuffed leggings with an oversized top, like the adorable Toy Story Roundup Gang ones pictured above. I actually prefer the fact they sell them separately as I like to really oversize my top to be super comfy. There are soooo many cute designs in Primark at the moment, Pokemon, Disney Princess, Toy Story, Christmas, I just want them all!

8. WoodWick Electric Wax Burner – £26.99


As you may have seen in a previous blog post (WoodWick Candle Review) I am OBSESSED with WoodWick candles. In my opinion, they are sooo much better than others because the scents are sooo real and true to their name and they crackle like a fire as they burn and I find that such a homey cosy sound. I always have a candle lit when I’m home, and for an extra scent boost I like to burn a wax melt in a similar or the same smell. I have a tea light burner currently, which takes a while to heat the ceramic pot and also means we go through sooo many tea lights, constantly having to replace them. An electric burner would be so handy and much safer, as I feel quite cautious lighting lots of flames in the flat. This one above is just so pretty, would suit the decor in the flat and it’s not chunky so clumsy Kirstyn is less likely to knock it…

9. WoodWick Candle – from £15


Speaking of candles, there’s a new scent from WoodWick that I can’t wait to try out..Crimson Berries. Now let me tell you, ANY berry scent from WoodWick are to DIE for. They’re so rich yet not over powering, some sweeter and some more musky. Ahhh I love them, my all time favourite is Current, but Cranberry is so similar and juicy smelling mmm. If you’re thinking of getting a WoodWick candle and can get to King’s Lynn, I highly recommend you check out Jaine’s Gift Box. She has the sweetest little shop in town and sells such amazing home and pamper gifts. Jaine is also super lovely and you’ll be supporting a small local business, so please go and check out her shop.

10. Chubby Unicorn Phone Case £12


If I was a mythical creature, I would be a Chubby Unicorn for sure. I am so in love with this case oh em geeeee. *heart eye emoji* I have nothing else to say. It’s just me. So me. 

11. Stitch MXYZ Phone Stand £10.99


As you should know by now, Stitch is my fav Disney character, and this ADORABLE phone stand is just amazing and so cute. I’d use it to charge my phone overnight, but my phone would have to go on upside down but that’s still cool. The MXYZ range of Stitch goodies is just AMAZING. I also loveeeeee the journals they do. Ahhh, Santa please can I just have all the money in the world to spend on Disney? Many thanks.

12. Animators Stitch £25.95


Speaking of Disney…I’m sorry, but isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? I spotted him in the Disney Store when we were on a training weekend in Sheffield and I was shocked at how beautiful he is, and the size of him for the price! And the voice is also realllllly good. Like, for an old character and a hard voice to replicate, they got it pretty spot on. I’d love this, because yes, I am a massive kid but things like this make me really happy and aw. My heart. As I’m writing this there is 25% off him on the Disney store online…sigh. Also shout out to the Disney store for creating so much more merch for my fav, it is all amazing.

13. Apple Watch From £269

Pink Apple Watch.png

I said it was a wish list okay? I know I will NEVER get one, but it’s nice to have dreams eh. I’ve been wanting an apple watch for quite some time now, but I just can’t justify spending that on myself… I need to get the iPhone 7 first… I know people say it is basically like having another phone, but to me it’s better…

Purely for the reason that I get WAAAAAAAY too caught up in social media, and I am constantly wasting time on social networking sites that I miss what is going on around me. My feeling is, that if I have the Apple Watch, it will take away that distraction of using my phone for 1,000,000 things and just get back to basics again but more modern.. But then I will have my phone for when I do fancy a little splurge of internet. And that pink colour is just sooooo pretty and so my style. Ahhhhhh dreamy. (And Series 2 is waterproof! How cool is that?!)

14. Skinnydip x Zara Martin Kitty Headphones £35

Cat headphones.jpg

In line with the cool tech things, I am OBSESSED with these headphones! How cuteeee and apparently they are great quality too.. Ahh they are so cool, and the copper colour makes them look so much more expensive! Fun fact – I’ve actually never been to an urban outfitters!

15. Fairy Dust Pink Unicorn from £20


 And for my last pick…A FLUFFY UNICORN. Sooooo many people have tagged me in photos of this sweetheart and it makes me want her even more! She’s a huuuuuge unicorn. Perfect for spooning…girls, you’ll understand. She’s available in alot of places at the moment, but the cheapest I’ve found her is Home Bargains for £20!! (Daniel….take note please) Subtle hints, that’s all it takes…
I hope you liked my wishlist and you probably learnt alot about my obsessions…if you didn’t already know haha!
Thanks for reading!





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