Product Review: Nu Colour Contouring Lipgloss

Hello Friends!

Over the past month-ish I’ve testing out a product to share the results with you guys.

The lovely Beauty Boyz kindly gifted me the lip gloss, as they knew I’d love it…and, yes, I certainly do. It’s one of their best sellers and I can see why…

The lip gloss is just a clear tube with a clear product, it doesn’t look exciting but its a handy travel size and has a secure screw on lid which is always good.

First thing I love…. the way it looks on.I personally love it over a matter lip liner applied all over. Why apply gloss to a matte you ask? I find the colour of a matte lip liner stays much better under this gloss. What’s great about a clear gloss is the fact you can switch your look up every day with a different colour underneath, or go bare and go for a much more subtle natural look. The gloss instantly make your lips look fuller by the way the light shines off your lips. Mwaaaaah.

I think the shiny highlighting effect looks great and the pictures above were my first application of the product. I hadn’t seen the full benefits yet…

Now the guys at Beauty Boyz said I needed to apply it 3 times a day for at least 28 days to see the full results…I must admit,  I did fail at that. BUT that is what excites me the most…because if I had wore it religously every single day, my lips would look even better…

Let me prove it… So, after a FULL 8 days of applying the lipgloss, my lips looked like this..

lipgloos itsonlykirstyn

‘Oh but Kirstyn, you’re just pouting….’ Only slightly! But with my lips alot firmer, which is definitely how they feel, it gives such a nicer pout and pushes my lips out in a more natural way.
After wearing this lip gloss for a day I really felt as if my lips were plumper and firmer, even though they didn’t look particularly bigger, because they don’t honestly, they just feel much healthier and looked after.

I have to say, one thing I did really struggle with at first was the consistency. So I would say, use a little as possible! If you use too much it’s quite sticky and thick, you really don’t need to apply alot. My advice would be to apply a small amount of gloss to your finger and apply it like that, you’ll have much more control than using the applicator. But that’s another great thing.. this product will last aaaaages. For a small tube there’s alot suprisingly of product!

Overall, I do really like this product and it’s gone straight in my everyday makeup bag. It gives a beautiful gloss and works wonders in the background too giving me firmer and plumper lips. It’s a winner in my books!

I’m also really exciting to see that there is 2 new colours of the gloss being released, so I’d definitely have a little look at those to see if you’d prefer one with a subtle colour.. Tender Beige is sooooo my colour *heart eye emoji*.


If you want to take a look at other products the Beauty Boyz offer, or order yourself a cheeky lipgloss, go ahead to their Facebook page…

If you have any questions or want some advice about the product don’t be afraid to just give them a message. They’re extremely lovely guys who are really passionate about their products. Just go and say Hey and tell them you came from me!

Thank you to the Beauty Boyz for this amazing product, can’t wait to try more!


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