The Vintage Cosmetics Company Advent Calendar and GIVEAWAY

Hello Friends!

Sorry it’s been so long, I’ve been really busy recently, but in the best way! Seeing lots of friends and family, Christmas shopping, appointments for my part time business, college work, scouts and my normal day job! Goodness! No wonder I’ve took a step back from my blog!

Anyways, today I’m showing you all the contents of this INCREDIBLE advent calendar by the Vintage Cosmetics Company! Look how dreamy it is!


My original plan was to show you the contents weekly, but, I’m inpatient, and had some troubles with opening the doors – clumsy me ripped quite alot of them oops! So I thought I’d show you the contents and you might be able to grab one before they stop selling them! I think Kimberely’s page (link in previous posts) is selling them super cheap so check it out!

So, I WON, that’s correct, WON this advent calendar by re-posting a picture of the calendar on my own Instagram profile took from the Vintage Cosmetic Companies page and they chose 3 winners, one of which was me!! I couldn’t believe it, I never win giveaways, so I am soo sooo incredibly grateful to the brand for organising it! I absolute love the brand as you guys should know by now, so couldn’t wait to open it all!


Can we just stop and appreciate how incredibly gorgeous it looks for a start!! It is quite a big calendar, but not heavy, and the packaging is just SOOOO aesthetically pleasing, my little blogger heart just can’t cope.

Each door opens by you pulling it from box and the product is sat in a plastic moulded tray inside. Each door has a cute little message or useful tip about the product written in a beautiful font and a friendly tone.

The numbers for each day are dotted around, so I felt such an excitement trying to find the right doors, my inner child was very pleased with this.

Writing this post I’ve realised I never took a picture of door 5 and I feel really disappointed. Sorry guys. Each door is super pretty and has something unique fitting the shape of the door. I am so in love with the illustrations, the vintage vibes with colour and floral are SO PRETTY.

As most of you know I already have a brush cleaner like the one pictured above, and I absolutely LOVE it. It makes cleaning brushes SUCH a breeze, but I don’t need 2, so I’ve decided to do a GIVEAWAY! Can I get a hell yeah. As I won this via a Instagram giveaway I thought I’d do the same… so head over to my Instagram @itsonlykirstyn to see how to enter and what other prizes are up for grabs…

I really do like the packaging and the box itself, however after opening a few of the doors the tension really decreased, making it super hard to open a door without ripping it, it made me really quite sad. That’s all I can fault with it though, all the products are gorgeous and such high quality!

This beauty sponge is also something I already own and LOVE, so I’m going to put this in the giveaway too! So make sure you check out the instructions on my page!

In door 14 I got these cute nail files, only to see that there is a discount code on it for 20% til MARCH 2017! How fab is that! So…go treat yourself…


The background of this photo is the shower cap that you get in one of the doors, HOW STUNNING IS THAT PRINT!!! 

In door 14 you get a set of lashes, these one’s are Nancy lashes and they are beautiful! Maybe another giveaway prize? Go on then…

The hair brush in this calendar is FULL size! How crazy! There are so many amazing products that I will absolutely treasure, I cannot wait to start using them!

This mirror that you get is super cool. It’s quite magnified, very clear and has sucker pads on the back! How handy! I don’t have a travel size mirror so this is perfect!!


And this was in the final door, number 24. I am so so grateful I won this calendar and can’t wait to try out all the products! And also share some with one of you guys! Thanks so much for supporting me always. You guys are the best.

Here’s a closer look at the products (Minus one, nail cuticle clippers because I’ve misplaced them already….Oh Kirstyn…)



Thanks for reading and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!!! *Ends 22nd December*

And if I don’t catch you before… Have a fab Christmas!


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