What I Got For Christmas: Disney Gifts

Hello friends! 

It’s been a while. Isn’t Christmas just the busiest season! Myself and Daniel were traveling each day to all sides of the family, so it was quite manic for us. But we had a lovely Christmas and each day was really different so that kept us entertained! We played lots of games and ate lots of food, so that’s a good Christmas in my books. I also got some amazing gifts that I absolutely adore. I got quite a few Disney gifts and thought some of you would like to see them as you’re fellow Disney lovers… so, here they are! 

Now these I already knew about, because as soon as the Cath Kidston X Disney range was rumoured I COULD NOT WAIT to get my hands on some. So at 8pm on about the 3rd December when it was finally released I jumped straight on the website and ordered these beauties!!! The canvas bag Daniel kindly paid for, and the makeup bag and wallet were treats from me, to me. I love the different prints SO much and I’ve already started using them all. Obsessed. 

This cute key chain is from Daniels Dad Dave and his wife Pauline. Myself and Dave always do the Baymax hand action thing with the fa la la sound and he really makes me giggle. 

I bought him a Disney Store mug with Baymax on so it’s quite funny he got me this, we were on the same wave length haha! The keychain lights up which is also handy for finding the key hole in the dark. The pencils were a little gift from my dog Lady aka my mum, because I love Finding Nemo and Finding Dory ALOT. They are so cute and the little rubbers are so well made! Love them.

My work colleague and special friend Carol bought me these cuties!!! I have a couple of POP! Figures and really excited to add these to my little collection. She knows me so so well! This Lilo is my favourite figure because she’s holding her camera and that is just so cute and fitting to her character and aaaaagh. Stitch is happily smiling too which is so cute. Such a perfect present. 

OKAY WHO KNEW HOW FREAKING CUTE TOY STORY VANS COULD BE BECAUSE LOOK AT THEM!!! I have worn these pretty much everyday since I got them and I’m so obsessed with them. These are my other main present from Daniel. They have Bo Peep and Woody dancing on them and are just adorable. The most perfect touch too is that on one of the soles is has Andy written on the bottom just like the toys in the movie and omg my little Disney Pixar heart is so happy. Such a perfect detail that makes these shoes so so much special. Was totally not expecting to actually get these, although I’d been pining over them since they came out, so I was so grateful to receive them. 

Right, I know I obsess over Disney but I didn’t think people picked up on it so much, because I don’t rant about it too much do I? Maybe I do.. I dunno. But this year my Secret Santa got me the adorable Stitch case that holds the Apple logo on my phone. HOW ADORABLE. And Daniel got me the Alien X Stitch cross over case. Both so simple but so cute. Love them! We do Secret Santa at Daniel’s mums each year and this is by far the best one I’ve received. Eeeek

And my final Disney gift I received. Another perfectly picked present from Daniel was Disney Monopoly. If you know me, which clearly Daniel does, I’m quite the monopoly fan. You know the person who always gets Monopoly out when there’s ever enough people and I’m always the banker, you know that annoying person? Yeah that’s me. And now I have an even bigger excuse to play it because it’s DISNEY edition. Aaaaaaah my heart is so full of happiness. This was the biggest surprise present because I didn’t even know this exsisted!!! Now I just need to rally family and friends round to play it! Any takers? 

I hope everyone had a magical Christmas. Thank you to all my family and friends who bought me gifts this year, you all know me so well! As well as Disney themed most of the others were beauty or unicorn related which is just so me! You may have seen my GIANT unicorn I received on my Instagram, if you haven’t, take a little peak… itsonlykirstyn.

Speak soon friends, and Happy New Year!  


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