Hello 2017

Hi Friends,

Just a quick one today..

I wanted to share with you my main goals of 2017.

Resolutions? Not so much. More like lifestyle changes/goals for the year.

  1. Save for Disneyland. – Daniel has already planned our money for us to save enough so we can book it around September time, I am so excited! Saving starts now and I cannot wait!
  2. Continue with personal development. – Since hitting rock bottom last year with my anxiety and other issues, I’ve worked really hard to improve myself and be much more positive. I will continue to do this as I’ve really seen my confidence grow, and others have noticed and complimented me too, which feels amazing. It helps that personal development is a key part of my training in our part time business so I’m going to take advantage of it being at my fingertips.
  3. Be more disciplined with chores. – Housework, cooking, looking after my car, I am really bad at all of them, so this year I’m really going to make an effort to improve. I think I’m going to write down a time table the chores and share them between me and Daniel so we know what we are doing when. I think that’ll improve things massively.
  4. Make friends. – I am already making more effort to speak to people, but I really want to push myself out my comfort zone and make new friends. Me and Daniel would love to have some couple friends for us to hang out with and enjoy the company of, and this year we are ready for it more than we ever have been. We don’t go out and socialise by drinking, so I need to think of other ways.
  5. Stop obsessing over social media. – I look at social media waaaaaay to much and waste precious time looking down at my phone when some pretty amazing things are happening around me in real life that I’ll miss if I’m not careful. I’m not sure how to approach this one because it’s so easy to just pick up my phone and scroll through, so I’m open to suggestions? I’m thinking of reading books/colouring/going for walks. We will see.

Happy New Year to all. May 2017 be better than 2016.


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