How I Plan My Time – Timetree

Hello friends,

Today I thought I would share with you one of the most useful tools I’ve discovered to help me plan my time. Because I guess it’s that time of the year when everyone tries a little harder to do more things, plan their time, and keep to a routine!

*Disclaimer before I get into this,  it is not a sponsored , I love the app and it’s really helped me, so I’m telling you about it.*

I’ve never been great with managing time mainly because I’m quite lazy, at least I used to be. I’ve got slightly better since moving out because it’s a totally different dynamic and WHO KNEW WASHING DOESN’T GET DONE IF YOU DON’T DO IT YOURSELF. Mind blowing.

Anyways, I have mentioned it a couple of times, but me and Daniel started a part time business late August and we have thrown ourselves fully at it and it’s going great because of the time and effort we are putting into it. As well as having other things in our lives like College, Work, Youth Club, Scouts, Family and Friends, we needed a way to properly plan our time so we could get the balance right. Even though me and Daniel live and work together, we both speak to different people and have family in different areas, so if either of us planned something it would be handy for us to have 1 place to record it all. We were managing okay with a paper diary for a while, but we were getting pretty busy.

I started to look online at different journals, diaries, life planners, but they were ALL so chunky and the same things kept occurring to me – What if I lose it? (Which I 100% would at least 3 times a day because that’s just me), How can we both use it at the same time? (We can’t dur, but I still thought about it), If plans change it will soon get VERY messy and I’m abit OCD when it comes to neat paperwork.. and I HATE Daniel’s handwriting – sorry love. So, instead, I looked at online diaries and apps. Initially I looked at free ones, because if I didn’t have to spend a penny then bonus! But I did look at all different price ones etc, and after reading reviews and trying some out looking at the features and ease of using them I found the perfect app. And this is what I want to talk to you about.

The app is called TimeTree. I have an iPhone, so I downloaded it from the App Store, but you can also get it from Google Play and Timetree Web. First thing, it’s free, and not like riddled with ADs free, it’s genuinely free and AD free too. Let me talk through it’s features…

SHARE CALENDAR- Once you’ve set up log in details, multiple people can all log in to your calendar and share it. So me and Daniel both have the app, I set up the calendar, but we both share it – meaning we can both put events in and it updates for the both of us. It does only update for the other person when you’ve both updated the app with internet but that’s not a problem for us as Daniel always has his internet on and I regularly turn mine on to check notifications.


WHO’S GOING? When you set up an event in the calendar, you can select who is required to go the event or who it involves. It doesn’t just have to be the people sharing the calendar, you can set up lots of names and profiles. Me and Daniel have ourselves and the iPad set up, because appointments for our part-time business requires us to take out iPad with us to make things easier, so we book it out in the calendar.


COLOUR COORDINATE – My little OCD heart is so thrilled with this feature, I love it. You can choose up to 10 categories that your events fall into and can set a colour it will show in your calendar. You also personalise the name of the category so you don’t need to know what colour is for what, but at a quick glance you can see what type of event is coming. You can also choose the colour theme of the calendar. I chose pink, because it goes with my phone. How cute.

DAY, WEEK, MONTH – There’s different ways to view the calendar, not unusual I know but handy all the same. You see more detail the shorter time period you choose.

EVENT DETAIL – As well at setting the date, time, category and attendees, you can add additional data such as when it reminds you of the event, the location, a website link and general notes. When it is set to an all day event a coloured bar appears in the calendar rather than coloured text.


CHAT/COMMENTS – On each event you can write comments on at anytime which acts like a chat feature. We use this to add extra details or remind eachother of things, update the event after it’s happened or just discuss times or something.


That’s pretty much it. It’s super easy to use, visually clean and tidy, really practical and obviously travel friendly! I am so so pleased I discovered this app, it’s really changed the way we manage time and plan our lives. So so useful, and I’m really grateful that it is free! Amazing value!

If you have any questions about it, feel free to message me, I am quite savvy with the app now!

For anyone wondering, this is the app’s logo taken from the iPhone app store:

Image result for timetree

And the link to their website! Timetree

I hope this is helpful to anyone who wants to plan time better, or might now give it a try!

Speak soon!




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