I am Successful

It was International Womens day on the 8th March, and females all over the world were celebrating their successes. I was really inspired and fuelled to make more of an effort to be proud of my successes, no matter how big or small they are. So many amazing women were empowering eachother and encouraging women everywhere to state their achievements loud and proud.

I was mostly inspired by Louise Pentland (AKA Sprinkleofglitter on YouTube) and her recent video, where she shares ALL of her successes and says them with pride.

So today, I’m going to do exactly that, share my achievements, and be proud to do so without feeling rude or big-headed.

  • I completed my GSCEs and got good grades
  • I got an Advanced Apprenticeship in Engineering Technical Support
  • I passed my driving test 1st time
  • I moved out at age 18
  • I have a lovely car which I pay for myself
  • I pay all my bills and manage my money
  • I got engaged
  • I drove to Cornwall AND back
  • I got overall Distinction * in my BTEC Level 3 Mechanical Engineering
  • I won the Endeavour Award for my work and attitude at college

College awards

  • I have got the highest grades possible so far in my HNC Mechanical Engineering
  • I kicked anxiety’s butt last year and haven’t had a panic attack since
  • I have a successful part time business
  • I won an award for Top Customer Gatherer during January with Daniel in our part time business


  • I got amazing feedback from a company I recently visited
  • I am a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Ambassador
  • I have some great friends
  • I get dressed, EVERY day – adult achievement
  • I am saving for a holiday
  • I have had an impact in young people’s lives through Scouting
  • I am HAPPY!


I would love to hear what other people are proud of and learn about their successes and achievements! Please comment below or message me, I’d love to celebrate together!

Be proud of your success, always.



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