Going Grey – by Choice

Hello Friends,

I’ve had a hair colour change since I last posted on here so I’d thought I’d show you my ‘transformation’! I’ve changed my hair colour to grey/silver by choice, since I was kinda getting bored of my white blonde hair even though I loved it, I thought it was time to shake it up a little…

So here was my hair before… 4 months of roots and split ends…wooo…

The main body of my hair has only been bleached once, about a year ago, but I get my roots topped up every 3 months or so.

So before I could do anything to the colour, I needed to FIX THOSE ROOTZ GURRRRL, and let the 40 minutes of torture…commence.

tempImageForSave 4

Smile pouting through the itchiness, bleach is horrid, but pain is beauty right?

So once my roots were done, I’m left with a yellowy tinge to them, so I usually have white toner on, to get rid of the brassy tones, but this time I went for between a colour and a toner, the colour was called Lilac Silver. It had to be applied to dry hair so after what felt like an eternity drying my afro hair, it was applied and this is what it looked like on:


It’s actually a white colour when it goes on, but over about 30 minutes is goes this really deep purple grey colour and I was getting SOOO excited.

After a rinse, before a dry, this is what it looked like:

tempImageForSave 5

After a towel dry, some curling putty and a French braid, this was the result…. I AM THRILLED!


I absolutely love the colour and it’s everything I wanted and more…ooh cliché. The purple in my roots washed out within the first couple of washes, but the rest has stayed pretty silverly and lovely.


Oh and side note – my hair is in SUCH good condition considering the amount of dye I’ve had on it over the years but I have a FAB hairdresser who works her magic on it and keeps it lovely. My curls always go super crazy after the hairdressers I adore it, so cute. We always worked out Jenna has been my hairdresser for around 9 years, how crazy is that! She knows exactly how my hair goes and what will work best so I 100% trust her on my curly locks.

I’ve washed my hair 9 times since dying it, and it’s only fading ever so slightly which is fab as it’s not a permanent colour, so I’m super happy and it was well worth the pennies!

tempImageForSaveI even think Daniel doesn’t mind it that much, and he is usually eye rolling at my hair colour decisions hahaha!

If you have any questions, like always feel free to comment or message me, I’d be happy to chat!



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