Chub Rub Tips and Tricks

Hi Friends!

If you are thinking, ‘what on earth is chub rub?’ then I’m 99% you don’t experience it, but hello you fellow thick thighed girls, I’m one of you, and I am here to share my tips and tricks to help ease the pain of chub rub, especially in this horrid uk heat!

If you’re still wondering what chub rub is, it’s when you get chaffing, friction and bloody sore pain from where your thighs rub together when walking… It causes a rash, redness, lumps, spots and in severe cases bleeding… It’s bloody horrible but atlas! There are ways to prevent or at least prolong it…

  1. Spanx/cycle shorts

Shout out to Helen Anderson on YouTube for this tip from the gods above! They are so comfy, soft, silky when you walk and suck it all in, winner winner! No chub rub and I can now wear dresses without having to sweat my bits off and wear leggings underneath. This is my most preferred trick because it 100% prevents it. Just a couple of things to note: if you wear high waisted ones like me, in the heat you will get sweaty, but it’s worth it in my eyes, and also, depending how you walk and how much they rub together it might make a little swish sound as you walk, but it’s hardly noticeable and the same kind of level as when you wear silky trousers. It’s up to you whether you wear dresses that cover them or not, but comfort is always number 1 for me, style number 2.


2. Deodorant

Powdery not liquidy deodorant works best. Place it on the area that rubs together on both legs. It creates a smooth surface between your thighs and gives you abit of relief. This might be a good last minute trick or a top up when you’re out, it’s only a temporary relief and will go once you walk or sweat if off.


3. Talc

In the same way you would use the deodorant, put talc on the affected area. This is a lot more comfortable than deodorant but I find doesn’t last as long as will fall off a lot quicker.


4. Coconut Oil

Now I haven’t personally used this as it isn’t something I have readily at home, but I’ve heard good things about it and is supposed to be good for your skin too rather than using a chemical deodorant! Deodorant, talc and coconut oil will be your best bets for a shorter skirt or shorts, but when you don’t need to wear them for a long time. But you can of course always top up and they’re not entirely useless products to carry around.


5. Clothing

Wear leggings, soft trousers or yogo pants for that smoooooth slide between your legs, all whilst feeling fabulous.


But the most important thing – you are not alone, there are so many women (and men) suffering with you, and we know exactly how you feel! So embrace the thick thighs, love your body and wear what you want. You are beautiful.





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