Eden Project – Cornwall 2017

Hello Friends!

Daniel and I are currently on our summer holiday staying with my Grandad and his wife in the beautiful West Country, Cornwall. He lives just near Truro and anywhere we wish to venture will never take longer than 45minutes, it’s ideal.

After a whole day of travel – leaving home in Norfolk at 7.30am, hundreds of miles and 3 refreshment stops later we arrived at 5pm. I was very much bored of driving 5 and a half hours in but thinking of the beautiful surroundings of Cornwall got us there eventually.

For our first full day we got up around 7am, I dragged Daniel to a boot sale (which turned out to be very disappointing), then set off for the Eden Project just before lunch. This was my second visit, and Daniel’s first. It may seem abit pricey at £27.50 per adult but I believe it’s worth it for the amazing project work they do and you get a yearly pass included so you can visit as many times as you like in the year! Super handy if you live nearby.

Anyways, I had my wonderful photographer in training (Daniel) taking pictures of me as posed and smiled and I took lots of photos of the wonderful flowers and sculptures we encountered. All photos taken on an IPhone 7 and unedited, they’re just for fun and the memories. I thought I’d share them with you too.

The first section of the gardens we went in was called Slopes of Earthly Treasures, which had the most beautiful sculptures, some hidden in nooks and crannies of the pathways so only the adventurers would find them.

The 2 photos above are taken inside a living willow sculpture, the sun and the leaves created such amazing patterns! It felt magical being inside, like a human sized fairy house!


The leaves were scattered all along this wall and looked wonderful, with such a lovely sentiment.



I love that there are different pathways you can take along the main route which enable you to discover different things or stare at the bees hovering around the roped steps…


The next few of photos are taken in another section of the gardens, themed around farming and food. There were so many plants of edible ingredients or plants with lots of information around how they are grown, maintained and what they’re used for. Again, with some amazing sculptures!



Like lavender in the picture above, all the plants are labelled at least once in the grounds so you can learn about them and identify them in the future. Although lavender isn’t my favourite scent, it looked absolutely gorgeous in the sun, with the biomes in the background and did give you an amazing smell as the breeze flowed through it.

We then ventured into the Rainforest biome. It had a temperature of 39 degrees Celsius and humidity of 40%, yes, you do sweat, alot, and the steep slopes add to it, but it is amazing to experience.


There is lots of interactive stations for kids (and adults) to learn about the different life cycles of plants and crops, and about the native people who would live in rain forests. This van caught my attention the most, sugar…


There is lots of water in the biome, as you can imagine, the waterfall was HUGE! And the bridge Daniel is walking across sprays water vapor regularly to add to the atmosphere, so watch out as you might get caught in it!


Bananas! After the Rainforest biome we needed to cool down, so a pit stop for lunch in the air con controlled cafe with a cornish pasty was just what we fancied.


Next was the Mediterranean Biome, it is much smaller than the other but housed a lovely cafe serving Med food and was a much nicer humidity!




The colours were beautiful, look at those yellows! We then headed to The Core, a building with more science based sculptures and educational rooms.


There’s lots of fun interactive things to do, great for kids so they learn by play!

The star of the show of course being The Seed, a sculpture carved by one man with a vision that sits in the centre of The Core. It is huge. Double my height easily!

We then walked the rest of the gardens, wandering round the sensory gardens and remaining flower beds.



And that concludes our visit! If you want to find out more about the Eden Project, visit their website – http://www.edenproject.com/




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