London Film And Comic Con

Hello friends!

On Saturday 29th July, Daniel and I went to London Film and Comic Con with our friends Carol and Gavin. It was Daniel and I’s first experience of going and I must say… it definitely didn’t disappoint! I absolutely loved walking round all the stands, seeing so many people in cosplay and everyone just having such a fun time. I went along mainly thinking Daniel would enjoy it most as his love of Star Wars is incredibly more than mine, but I was so surprised to see so much Disney stuff, and even Stitch stuff!

The day before we went Daniel got a few more additions to his Dark Side Sleeve Tattoo, so I thought I’d show you as it seems fitting to the theme, and I haven’t shown them on my blog before.

From oldest to newest – Storm Trooper, Darth Vader, Death Star, Boba Fett, Tie Fighters.

They are incredible tattoos, shout out to Rick from Lasting Image Tattoo in Heacham, Norfolk.

Back to LFCC, you may be surprised but I took very very few photos, like 3, which is rare for me because I love taking photos but this event is more something you need to experience, it doesn’t do it justice in photos. We didn’t do any meet and greets or any conference talks but it was still incredible and you can easily spend the day there.

This the outfit I wore…. I felt sooo swish.


The photos below are the ones I did took, I’d only ever seen videos of the Star Wars fire pits, never in real life, and they are more magnificent in person!

Although I didn’t take anymore photos, we did make a couple of cheeky purchases and I thought of course I would share them with you…


These are my purchases, I loveeeeee them!


This Hairbrush is from Hot Topic, it is brand new and from a company called Wonderland Somewhere who ship them across from the US as you can only really get them over there. It was not too overpriced either at £9.

I also got this beautiful patch to add to my customised shirt I am creating… More to come on that soon…


It’s a well made embroidered patch and for £4.95 it was great as it is quite big.

I also got these amazing pin badge from a stall that was literally ALL Stitch, it was amazing but also lethal to my bank account, so I prioritised and chose this Elvis Stitch Pin that twins with my Stitch Tattoo… I haven’t shown you that either, so here we go…

My tattoo is just about hand sized and is on my thigh off centre to the left. It’s all healed and perfect now after my skin rejected the colour in the hair the first time. Shout out to Kaylamoontattoo for the beaut design and amazing dot work.

And now for the showstopper purchase, made my Daniel, for Daniel because he honestly never treats himself enough and genuinely deserves it… He treats me too much so was lovely to see him treat himself.


They are these amazing Star Wars fully licensed trainers made by Po Zu. They had so many different designs, all themed around different characters and some generic too. Daniel went for this amazing design in the end, and assures me they are super comfy and feels like ‘walking on clouds’. They did a special deal at the show of 10% off, so instead of £120 they were £108, which may sound pricey but are INCREDIBLE quality and are the same price as some Dr Martens which are my favs soo…. can’t knock it really!

I think we will deffo go back next year and plan to eat food in London afterwards or something, so if anyone wants to join us feel free!

Have a fab summer holidays guys, I’m back at work now so meeeeh. More exciting stuff planned though, so keep an eye out!




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