Product Review: Fitbit Charge 2

Hello Friends!


As I’ve had my Fitbit a couple of months now, (and kind of understand how to work it properly), I thought I’d share my thoughts on it!

I was given it as a present, and it wasn’t something I had asked for, but I am really happy I received it and love it more than I thought I would! I’m very grateful for the thought that went into it too, as everyone has seen how much I am putting into getting fitter recently.


Since receiving the Fitbit, I have bought different straps as the originals were abit too big and I wanted fun coloured ones anyways. I bought cheap fake straps on eBay, and they work absolutely perfectly, although they do get dirty quickly, it honestly doesn’t matter because they literally were £1! The straps are super easy to take on and off and secure well. Have a guess at what my favourite colour is…


The App

The app is so user friendly and really impressive tbh. You sync your phone via Bluetooth and it downloads it live, or you can sync it once a day (which is what I do) to upload the days stats. There’s lots of features you can use it for, including lots around exercise, weight loss, heart rate, steps and a food log. There is honestly so much you can do with it.

You can customise your home screen to see your key interests. I use mine to view workouts, log my weight, see my weight loss progression and to check my heart rate.

On the app you can also change your clock face, log food and drink, set goals (steps, weight loss, active minutes, workouts a week, distance etc etc), see ‘friends’ progress who you have added and so so much more. It’s very versatile to lots of different lifestyles.


Heart Rate

My misconception about Fitbits were that they only monitored heart rate and were used as a watch, which is why they NEVER appealed to me. Why would I wanna know that? Turns out, as I’ve just spoken about, they do alot more than that, but monitoring heart rate is actually really interesting and it has certainly shown me that I have got much fitter! It’s also helped me identified at what heart rate I feel dizzy, or is my peak for working out, or my lowest when I’ve took strong tablets that made me nearly pass out, woops. When doing workouts, based on your age, height, weight and heart rate it shows you when you are in fat burn and when you are in cardio, which is useful when doing workouts to help identify what you are working on.



This is my FAVOURITE and key thing I use it for, to log all my workouts. It feels so good to see the hard work I’ve put in into calories burned, time in fat burn and cardio, and time it took, it’s fab! It shows my progression and I can compete with the last workout to brun even more calories, which in turn makes me work harder and get fitter, win win win! If you connect it via bluetooth to your phone it can use it’s gps to log your distance too.




Weight Tracker

I use this feature simply as a log that I can’t loose or delete. I am a very visual person, so I have a print out of my weight loss on the fridge, but logging it in the app as soon as I weigh myself means no cheating! I use the goals feature to set myself a weight target by a date, and it displays it on my app home screen in a fun way too, which is also a nice reminder every time I log in and makes me see the progression.

Other features

Right, now, one of the coolest features (in my opinion hahaha) is the fact that when your Fitbit is connected to your phones Bluetooth it will display text messages and incoming calls! For a little watch and heart rate tracker that’s so cool!! It does only simply display the name of caller/sender and on one line scrolls through the text, but that’s pretty nifty in my eyes. I use it when I go into meetings at work, so I can have a quick peep at a text or call without getting my phone out, and decide whether its worth getting my phone out for (never is, but still, emergencies and all that) or when I’m doing a workout and want to see who misses me when I’m busy (again, never anyone, but still).

It has a stop watch feature, which is cool if you are doing timed laps or something, or just when you want to time how long it takes for you to eat the biggest slice of cake…no? Maybe I’m using it wrong.

It is also pretty water resistant. I think it’s supposed to be splash proof/rain proof, but I did shower with it on once, by accident, completely forgot I was wearing it, I washed my hair and everything and it wasn’t even wet afterwards, and hasn’t seemed to affect it at all. (Obviously still wouldn’t recommend it but in those rushed mornings, not the end of the world).

Battery is pretty good to be honest, I wear it all day everyday, workout 3 times a week, connect it to Bluetooth everyday on and off and the battery will last me 10 days to flat battery. I charge it overnight and that charges it fully.

Price – this particular one cost around £120, but they start from £60 depending on the display size/complexity. I would check them out and see which one would suit your lifestyle/requirements best. I do really think they are worth the money, I absolutely love mine! It is simple and basic, with only one button and a tap screen, but does so much for a tiny device and works so well with the app you just cant fault it!


That’s all I have to say really, if you have any questions I’d be happy to answer them.

Have fun!


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